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Date   Event Synopsis
11th May MX Saturday - ORMOLU Fashions Open Foursomes (36 Holes)
12th May MX Sunday Girvin and Foulsham Memorial - Golden Downs
13th May MX Monday Open Mixed Vets - Nelson
13th May M Monday Grandfathers Tournament - Greenacres
14th May L9 Tuesday - LGU 4, Merle Hyland Nett 2
14th May L18 Tuesday Hudson Cup 1 Shootout 6
15th May M Wednesday - Stableford
16th May L9 Thursday - Jingles
16th May MX Thursday Open Mixed Vets - Totaradale
16th May L Thursday Combined 9 and 18 hole Jingles
18th May L Saturday - Club Champs Final others Combined Stableford Hidden Partners
18th May M Saturday - Mens Champs Finals; Others Combined Stableford (Hidden Partners) Champs Finals Spare Day 25 June
19th May L18 Sunday National Teams Finals Greymouth
19th May M Sunday SLOAN Round 4 - Takaka
19th May MX Sunday - Thorp Cup Open; Mixed Combined Stableford COP
21st May L9 Tuesday - Sue Bunt 3 (Srixon Ball)
21st May L18 Tuesday Ianthe Cederman Rosebowl
22nd May MX Wednesday - Open Mixed Vets
23rd May L9 Thursday - Starters Choice
23rd May L18 Totaradale Foursomes
25th May MX Saturday Mobil Open - Nelson
25th May M Saturday - Mens and Ladies Champs Finals (Spare)
25th May M Saturday - Greensome Trophy. Drawn Partners
25th May L18 Saturday Stableford 3 Shootout 7
26th May M Sunday SLOAN Round 5 - Totaradale
26th May MX Sunday - Du Maurier Trophy Open Round 3 (Final Round) - Mixed Canadian Foursomes
27th May MX Monday Open Mixed Vets - Greenacres
28th May L9 Tuesday - Stableford 2
28th May L18 Tuesday Ianthe Cederman Rosebowl 2 Shootout 7
29th May M Wednesday - Stableford



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