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The Club Projects Page will inform members of current and future projects planned by the Club, and approved by the Management Committee. The Page will describe the Project, will list who is responsible for the Project and a projected timeline. Members are invited to contribute time, materials or any make other contribution which will aid the Project in coming to fruition. Projects will, in the normal course of events, be signalled in the Clubs' Strategic Plan.

New Plantings

Job done!! Now we can all watch the grasses grow.
Job done!! Now we can all watch the grasses grow.

Work has started on reshaping the No 11 Tee and also planting on the side of the men's No 18 Tee. We have purchased close to 400 native grasses to be planted in these two areas. A huge thank you to the Friday Club who have paid for all these plants. This is a continuation of the great support the Friday Club has given us over the last few years.

Clubhouse Alterations

Clubhouse windows

With the construction of the deck this year, some of the old windows were replaced. It has
now been decided to complete the upgrading of the windows overlooking the course,
including replacement of the French doors in the northern wall. When this work has been
completed, the clubhouse maintenance will be up to date.

Improvements to On-Course Pathways

Paths are identified in the Strategic Plan as a means of enhancing the appearance of the course, and as a means of reducing damage to the course by carts and trundlers, particularly in wet conditions.

Paths identified for improvement in this year's plan are Number 11 (completed), Number 18, and Number 8.

Work will progress as the grass growth slows and as Greenkeepers time becomes available.

The "Friday Club" has donated the materials for the path on Number 11 hole.

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