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The Club Projects Page will inform members of current and future projects planned by the Club, and approved by the Management Committee. The Page will describe the Project, will list who is responsible for the Project and a projected timeline. Members are invited to contribute time, materials or any make other contribution which will aid the Project in coming to fruition. Projects will, in the normal course of events, be signalled in the Clubs' Strategic Plan.

Club Projects Update

Projects Update May 2021

A substantial upgrade in the Ladies Rooms has been underway for some time now. New framing was required in one of the toilet cubicles because of a serious water leak from outside the building. New linings and toilets, new twin-sink vanity, and new mirrors were then installed, new vinyl laid, and a repaint of both rooms completed. A new cabinet and benchtop completed the project.

A large proportion of this project has been completed by club volunteers, and little outside labour had to be paid for, so a big "thank you" to all who assisted.

The very old fireplace in the main lounge has reached its used-by date. A modern low-emissions log-burner sitting on a new hearth has been installed. An updated attractive backing sheet on the wall behind the fireplace will also be installed.

You may have noticed in the last few days a new green tractor towing a red mower (commonly called "The Snake"). This combination replaces the rough mower, which has come to the end of its useful life after many years of extremely hard work. The choice of a "combo" rather than a dedicated machine has many advantages, including lower cost, more versatility, lower maintenance, and ease of setting up.

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