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July Newsletter

Welcome to our new Members:
Full Members; Peter Bell, Sharon McGeown
Country member; Chris McGeown,
Junior; Mason Bell.

Well after a month overseas it's good to be back but it looks like the rain returned with us!
Three weeks in Canada playing some amazing golf courses was wonderful. It's incredible to think that they are only open for six months of the year, in fact one course we played is only open 132 days! They were all in excellent condition but having played here last week I don't think we played any courses with faster greens than ours!
For the middle of the Winter I am sure we would all agree that the course is in amazing condition. Granted we have had a run of frosts and fine weather but we need to give credit to the work that has been done on the course by Nick and Ian. The drainage work done over the last two summers, the extensive use of the Verdi Drain on the fairways, the use of the two mobile pumps and Ian's excellent work in re-engineering the pump on the lake on No 10 to not only run the fountains but to now also double as a pump to drain water into the sea, have made an amazing difference. In addition the ditch alongside the road has been cleaned allowing the drains on that side of the course to drain more effectively. We have also replaced the drain on No 9 which will hopefully mean that we will no longer have ponding on the corner of that fairway. The extended path on No 11 is also a great improvement with more path improvements planned.
Last newsletter I mentioned that we had not had a hole in one on our course by one of our members for over twelve months. I thought at the time I was tempting fate! But three aces in three weeks is a bit over the top! Congrats to Richard Bullock No 17, Dennis Wright No 11 and our new member Sharon McGeown No 14, for responding to the challenge!
Thank you to all of you who have commented on our strategic plan. At this week's meeting we have completed the Course Development Plan and agreed on items of major expenditure for the next three years. This, of course, is a dynamic document and will change if unforeseen events occur. We are fortunate that we have been able to replace, out of cash flow, a number of our major machinery items over the last two years, plus purchase new machinery such as the Verdi Drain and the Turf Sander. At this stage the only major machinery item we have in the plan is our Fairway Mower which we intend to replace in the 2019 - 2020 year. With all this new and additional machinery our current Greenkeepers Shed is unable to cope so in the coming year's expenditure we have budgeted for an additional Machinery Shed. Not only will this ensure all our machinery is housed safely and out of the weather (Something we can't do currently) but will also provide space for Nick and Ian to work on the equipment without the need to shuffle machines in and out of the old shed.
At the next meeting we will incorporate the Development Plan into our Strategic Plan which will then be available to view on our website. We have two months to go to complete our financial year and over the next two monthly meetings we will review our budget for the coming year. As in recent years I will update you on any proposed changes that are recommended by the Management Committee.
Cheers and good golfing




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