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President Petes' January Newsletter

What a fantastic open tournament we had with the weather playing its part and a big field of over 200 which made for a very successful event.

Congratulations to all the winners. Great to see a play off for the Gross between Cory and Simon, very good golf played by you two.

Can't thank Donna and her team enough for the wonderful work they all did in putting the tournament together. Many hours are put into making a tournament like this so successful, and so a huge thanks to all that helped. It makes me realise what a great club we have with all the volunteers helping out.

You may have noticed the new bar stools at the bar Leaners. These were kindly donated by the lefthanders. Well done Andrew Fenemor and to all those who they say stand on the RIGHT side of the ball, they look fantastic. Thanks also to Shona for spending time in sourcing them.

Ian Rowling has moved on after 10 years as our greenkeeper so would like to thank him for all the great work he has done over that time and acknowledge the work he has done in getting the course to the level it is today for the club.

Thanks again Ian and will see you on the course.

While mowing over the holiday period I quite often have a chat with green fee players from around the country and the comments are always about what a great course we have and how much they enjoy playing here, whether first time or have played before. So a BIG thanks to Nick and Steve for presenting the course so well.

In that vein I wanted to thank all our members who followed the new booking process over the holiday period. It certainly made it much easier to manage all the green fee players and more importantly, by starting only on Number 1 tee it gave the Greenkeepers time and space to do their wonderful work.

Welcome to our new and returning members (this might take a while):, Cyrus Aldworth, Jen Barnes, Warren Bartlett, Ben Campbell, James Grant, Liam Greaney, Ross Harvey, Archie Huston, Luke Inglis, Allan James, Fergus Jolly, Connor Kenyon, Aubrey Lewis, Benjamin Lusty, Craig Lusty, Nick McIntyre, Neils Paulsen, Kevin Peterson, Liam Petrie, Ben Price, Zayne Puata, Risse Matthias, Henry Roberts, Ricky Rudolph, Dakato Senior, Flynn Simkin, Scottie Smith, Tom Kreft, Mason Van Leeuwen, Stephen Vessey, Suzanne Vessey, Asher Wilkins, Brendon Williams, Jai Winsloe and Cody Yeatman. Do make them welcome.

Its coming up to that time of the year when our subscriptions will be invoiced. Rex is away on an exotic island for the next month, but assures me the invoices will be emailed to all current members on his return in early March. The 2024-25 subs are all posted on our website and will be due for payment by 31 March unless arrangements have been made with Rex to pay in instalments.

Very sad to hear of the passing of Heath Wilkins, one of our new members and a good sponsor of the club, our thoughts are with his family.

Enjoy your golf while the weather is so nice.

Pete Cederman.



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