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April Newsletter

Hi all, we have had another great spell of weather for playing golf but the course could do with a nice drop of rain as it has got very dry.

The tree on number one by the chipping green has gone to the joy of many who have planted their first tee shot into it is not the best way to start a round. The rest of the tree on the right of the seventeenth green also gone, this should allow a lot more light onto the green through the winter months.

Check out the new wood box in the club house, very well built by Bruce he will be taking orders if you want one built, only catch is you have to supply your own Titleist irons.

Think the new system for the raffles has worked out but not sure if some would still like the wheel !!!

Grump time !!!! Bloody divots not being repaired, I suspect its a few minority who are the culprits so if you see someone not repairing divots just remind them to fix them or let me know and I can have a chat. Can you imagine what the course would look like if nobody repaired divots?

Our major sponsor N.B.S is running a promotion TO WIN A CAR, check your emails and see how you can be in to win. Greg and his team are great supporters of our club and as always its good if we can support them by opening an account.

Since starting this newsletter it has now rained so you can see it takes me a while to construct the monthly news.

That about all good luck to you all in the club champs.
Look out Ernie, you are playing the intermediate champ first up.

Pete Cedes



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