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May Newsletter

Welcome to our new members;

First Year Member; Debby Kerr

Country Members; Frik and Jenney Van Heeden

Nine Hole Member, Chris Roberts

This lovely Autumn weather can't last forever unfortunately! You may have noticed some markings in front of the white and yellow tees, these are where the winter tees will be established. As I have mentioned earlier we will shorten the course for winter conditions with the aim of reducing the handicap range between winter and summer conditions. The criteria to do this is clearly laid out by NZ Golf and we are complying with these conditions as we shorten the course.

Here's an interesting fact. There were no Hole in Ones on our course in 2017 (At least we don't know about any). That is a rare occurrence, according to our Honour's Board 1971 was the last time! The last Hole in one was in December 2016 when Don Dalton holed out on No 7. This March Ali Oldham from Golden Downs holed out on No 4 so 2018 will feature on the honours board!

Drainage continues on the course with new drains on No 5 and No 6 with more to be done. You may have also noticed that the trees have been trimmed down Harbour Rd. This was a joint undertaking by the TDC, Road Management and our club with the costs being shared three ways. The trees were getting to the point where not only was the walkway getting overgrown but trucks were also being impeded when they drove down the road. The woodies have also been very busy trimming trees. They have just completed removing the lower limbs from the trees bordering the 15th and 18th fairways, in excess of 50 trees. So next time you are in the trees on that part of the course you might like to whisper a little thanks to them!

Blair Riordan from Total Golf will be resuming Golf Coaching at our course on Wednesday 6th June. Should you wish to make an appointment with Blair just give him a ring on 027 4705306 and he will book you in.

We are going to sell the piano in the clubrooms as it really doesn't get any use. If you are interested, or know of anyone who is, please contact Rob Guild at the club or on phone 027 2403730. It's going cheap!

Thanks to all those who have paid their subs. If you haven't received your membership card it will be in the container on the table in front of the whiteboard in the clubrooms, just help yourself.

Hopefully by now you have all navigated yourselves around our new website. If any of you are having trouble accessing the site please click on the refresh button
(That's the little circle with an arrow on it to the right of the address bar) Because computers are smart little things they look for the site you usually go to, so doing this gets them back on the right track! I'm sure Shona wishes I had one! There are a number of advantages with our new site;
-We now have complete control of the site and the ability to change each and every page. We didn't have this ability previously.
-It is mobile device friendly so if you access it from your phone or tablet it is formatted correctly to fit your screen
-Players now have the ability to join the club online or enter tournaments online.

Another example is that we will shortly load our Strategic Plan on to the Projects Page where everyone can read it at their convenience. Currently it is on our notice board in the Clubrooms and probably hasn't been looked at in ages. In the next couple of months we will be reviewing the plan and asking members for their input.

At this month's meeting it was agreed that all carts will be restricted to paths and the fairways in future. A notice will be placed in each of the hire carts and we will be relying on private carts to comply. I am sure many of you will have noticed the damage that can be done by carts when they are driven through the rough. It just creates extra work for our Greenkeepers trying to repair. This restriction will apply throughout the year.

I mentioned in my last newsletter that we will be hosting the Summit Rescue Helicopter Ambrose on 25th May. That evening we will be hosting the "Big Brothers Big Sisters" quiz night. Another very worthy cause. So those of you not playing golf might like to test your general knowledge in the quiz!

We have just received a new batch of caps. There are five different styles of mens caps, different colours and different fabrics. We also have ladies visors. They are the same style as used on the LPGA. Caps are $30 and Visors $26. Check them out!

That's it for this month folks.

Good Golfing!





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