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November Newsletter

Hi Everyone

Firstly welcome to our new members:

Full Members; Sandra Stebbings and Peter Molloy

Summer Member; Brian Green

And welcome back to some familiar faces; Karen and Frank Walker, Steve and Suzanne Vessey and Luke Sturgeon

Let's first hear from Nick;
Hi guys, so a busy wee time at the moment with a heap of renos been done on fairways tees and greens, we are almost ready to attack summer head on this year with hopefully a lot less of the yuck of the last two summers! As you would agree the fairways have really come away nice this spring with all the verti draining and coring allowing for good recovery. Just a quick tip about my slightly average greens at the moment some of you may have noticed some yellowing off and some bare areas. This is the Poa grass being attacked by disease as it is being starved of nitrogen as we try to create a better environment for Brown Top grass and push out the other unwanted grasses. This comes with a downside of having not the most amazing looking greens but in time they will recover and all going well will roll better and be easier for us to maintain. A couple of days after the McCarthy Goodman I will be doing the last of my greens renos then it will be time to make the course look a million dollars again.

I don't know about you but I think the greens are great, as it the rest of the course!

You will have all noticed that one of the three large Eucalyptus on 15 has been felled. As I have been asked about this tree I thought I would explain to you all the procedure we follow in cases like this. We have been monitoring this tree for some time as it had been splitting between the two trunks. We agreed that it was becoming a Health and Safety risk. We then approached TDC as it is designated a "Significant Tree" and we are not allowed to touch them. They then had their Arborist inspect the tree and he agreed with our assessment and approved removal.
TDC then pay for it to be felled. The point in all of this is that we have a process and do not take removing trees lightly. Especially with the work involved in cleaning up a tree of this size!

At the end of this year Barry Riordan is handing over the reins to Penny and Rob Vincent to run the monthly District Vets. The club owes Barry a huge thank you for the work he has put into running this event over a number of years. Not only that, but organising a sponsor for every one of them! Thanks so much Barry, you will now be able to enjoy the events without the responsibility.

Our McCarthy Goodman Tourney is fast approaching. This is one of our premier events of the year, with a fantastic prize table, so I encourage you all to get a partner and enter. The other event for your diary is our Christmas Function on 24th November. If it is half as good as our Mid-Winter one it will be a cracker! You are welcome to bring friends!

The AGM is on Monday 19th November and I encourage you to attend. This is the opportunity to understand how our club is running and have your say. The annual accounts have been prepared and there are copies in the clubrooms for members.

On November 29th at 7.30pm in our clubrooms we will be holding a briefing on the new rules. While I think we all have an idea about what is changing I can guarantee you that they are more extensive than any of us think. I certainly recommend that you come along if you can. We all need to be prepared and knowledgeable!

I mentioned in the last newsletter that the course has been rerated. The new rating and handicap index's come into effect from 14th November. Printed Cards will show the new details and new Course Handicap Tables will be on display in the Matchroom. The Ladies course rating is in the process of being finalised.

A quick note about our Open which will be on the 12th and 13th of January. This is our major fund raising event of the year so if you are aware of any sponsors that would like to be involved please have a chat with me. Entry forms are in the clubrooms. Entries received and paid by 21st Dec go into a draw to win your entry fee back!

That's it for this month folks.
Cheers and good Golfing



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