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March 2020

Covid 19 Update

I've had a John Denver song going through my head over recent days;

"Some days are diamonds, some days are stones,
Sometimes the hard times wont leave me alone,
Some days a cold wind blows a chill in my bones,
Some days are diamonds, some days are stones"

We have certainly had stony days lately but now they have turned into boulders!

The Management Committee had an emergency meeting last night to talk about our priorities over the next month or so. They are fairly straight forward;

- Our Team. Our number one priority is to look after Nick, Ian and Rob through this period. We have assured them that there will be no change to their employment status and that the club will continue to pay them as we do now. We will investigate the latest policy announcements to see if we are eligible for Government Subsidies and apply as appropriate.

- Our Course. Clearly we are not an essential industry but NZ Golf is seeking advice on whether clubs can maintain skeleton staff to undertake basic activities. In our case that would be Greens and Fairways. The question that has been raised is that if I am allowed to go for a walk in isolation or with my isolation partner then can I play golf provided I follow all the isolation criteria? The latest advice I have from NZ Golf in their words is "While there was some thought that on course solo golf activity might be able to continue, providing a controlled environment that is healthy and safe will simply not be possible for all golf courses and facilities" So my interpretation of that is "No" our course will not be open. While this is still a fluid situation I think we would all agree that any movement is likely to be more conservative.

- Our Financial Position. While we had a couple of projects on the go we have now agreed that they will stop and there will be no discretionary spending. We have good cash reserves. I looked up my statement from my last Annual Report where I said;
"A healthy bank balance comes with its own temptations but my view is that, like any good business, an accumulation of cash is an insurance against the future. It is hard earned and should be protected accordingly."
Boy has that come true in spades! Our challenge is that a huge part of our income comes from our subscriptions which are now due. So if you are wondering if there is anything you can do to assist our club during this difficult time. The answer is yes, if you can afford to, it is to pay your sub so that we can continue our good cash position. Of course you will have to pay online, Account No 03 1354 0092218 00 with your name and membership number as reference. On the other hand for those who are affected with loss of income we will be as flexible as we can. Please email Geraldine Taylor at membership@motuekagolf.co.nz and we will come up with solutions for you.

guess the point from yesterdays announcement that resonated with me the most was "Be Kind" I heard a great example yesterday where a lady has her hair done once a week and a housekeeper one day a week. While this is not going to happen in the short term she is going to continue to pay them.

In our clubs situation if you are elderly, living alone and feeling vulnerable we have members who are happy to do your shopping for you. If you are in that situation then please contact our secretary, Emily on admin@motuekagolf.co.nz and we will put someone in touch with you. Likewise if you would like to volunteer as a shopper please let Emily know.

As we get any further info, particularly in relation to the course and its maintenance, I will let you know. In the meantime please also check our website as we will update that when we can. If there is a silver lining, no matter how thin, it is that we are heading into Autumn so growth on the course will slow down which will help if we cannot do anything to it for the period of the lockdown.

I appreciate that if members don't have email access they wont get this, so a request to you all. If you are aware of any members without email please give them a ring and read this message out to them. It's just another way we can keep them informed and help them feel part of our club.

So that's a wrap from me. Stay safe, follow the rules and count your blessings. We live in the best part of the world, clean air, great scenery and a supportive community. We have a lot to be thankful for!

Kia Kaha and Aroha Nui to you all,

Peter and Shona



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