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Golf Course Update No 7

Golf Course Update No 7
Hi Everyone
Fortunately this will be a lot shorter than my previous epistle!
As I have done recently I want to start with some thank you's, or "Shout outs" which is the latest buzz word!
- So the first thank goes to all of you for adapting so well to the changes we have made! The on-line booking system is going very well with the vast majority of you using it. Remember if you want to use it you must first register with "My Golf". And also thanks for using your personal sand buckets, there is a noticeable improvement in the repairing of divots!
- The second thank you is to Rex. Not only did he quickly get across the technical requirements of the booking system but he then made himself available as the coach, mentor and guide to our members. I know his phone was red hot for many days it is just as well that he is such a patient and tolerant man! Hopefully everybody is now leaving him alone so he can catch up with some quality time with Tommy and Archie.
Not much has changed this week as a result of the Monday announcement except gatherings can now be up to 100 which doesn't effect us to a great extent at this stage.
I really want to emphasise that nothing else has changed. We still need to maintain social distancing, ensure that a strict hygiene regime is maintained and that we sit in our fours. I appreciate that the natural tendency is to relax the rules at this stage but we, as a club, must adhere to them. For those who have not read the instructions from NZ Golf and would like to, please click on this link The requirements are very clear and the last thing any of us want is to closed for non-compliance.
When queueing at the bar please queue towards the front door at one meter spacing as indicated by the lines on the floor. Once you have been served please move promptly to your seat. Likewise when ordering food. We also still encourage you to enter the clubrooms through the toilets and wash your hands there rather than all all using the front door.
I am aware that the Police have been visiting clubs and hotels in Motueka to ensure the requirements are being met (And rightly so!), so lets all comply. It is interesting to note that many Golf Clubs have not yet opened their Clubrooms.
The one change the Sub-committee has agreed to is that we will re-commence prize giving from this Saturday. We are comfortable that we can do this within guidelines. Like always, if you win a prize and you are not there we will get it to you later.
Now two requests of you all. Divot repairs are great and we now need you all to pay the same attention to repairing pitch marks on the green. Secondly please report to the starter (Rob in most cases for non-tournament play) so we can ensure you are all logged in for contact tracing.
That's it for now folks, good golfing and have a great Queens Birthday Weekend!



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