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Hi Everyone, Firstly, as always, welcome to our new Members;
Full Members; Danny Daniels, Charlie Leaper, Daniel Leaper, Julian Saunders, Ra Williams.
Nine Holes; Peter Barnes
First Year; Anthony Fry
Apologies for no newsletter last month, Shona and I did a South Island road trip. Great time catching up with lots of friends and playing lots of golf!
So lets start this month with "Nick's Notes";
"Hi Team, well it's a while since you heard from me but I can promise you things are well! It's been a great Winter as we haven't been stuck on the course which means dryish feet for you guys. The past few months Ian has been punching holes in the fairways with the Vertidrain which has really helped reduce puddling when the rains come. The greens have held up really well this Winter with the sanding programme really showing benefits with the greens being much firmer. I have some great news! We have just purchased a new Scarifier, Peter will fill you in on the details. We are very lucky to get our hands on one of these machines and, in time, the difference it will make to the quality of our turf will be amazing. The machine is designed to pull thatch and reduce organic matter build up, especially in our fairways which has built up over years of watering and fertilizing. If you remember three years back we had those cyclones and then turf died and we had to look at that for months, this machine gives us the ability to scarify and reseed so much faster!"
So the big news is that the scarifier arrived last week. It's a long time since I have seen Nick so excited! The purchase of this machine is in line with our strategic plan and completes the trio of Vertidrain, Sander and now Scarifier. These machines all complement each other and will enable us to continue to present and improve our already excellent course! This machine cost $32k (GST exclusive) I applied for financial assistance from the Lion Foundation. The request was previously approved prior to Covid and then withdrawn due to lockdown. I reapplied once applications reopened and was thrilled to receive approval for $11,000. This is a continuation of the support the Lion Foundation has given us over recent years and we are very grateful and appreciative of the confidence they continue to show in us!
Without going into a lot of detail here we have been very concerned about our water consent. A problem emerged earlier this year which put our consent at risk and could have meant that we would not have been able to water our fairways in the Summer. Bryan McKay, Nick and myself have been working with TDC over recent months and I can now advise that this problem has been resolved. I want to acknowledge Bryan for the great work he has done in this area and secondly we are extremely grateful for the flexible and empathetic approach from the TDC staff that helped us resolve this issue. I have written to Janine Dowding, CEO of TDC, thanking her, on behalf of our club, for the assistance they have given us with this issue.
Well Spring is upon us again and Kevin Armstrong has kindly offered to again run our She Loves Golf and He Loves Golf programmes. This has been one of our major initiatives in gaining new members and this is the sixth year that Kevin will have run this programme! She Loves Golf will commence on Monday 5th October at 5.30pm and He Loves Golf on Thursday 8th October at 5.30pm. So if you know anyone who is interested in joining our great game please let them know. There is no charge and it will run throughout the Summer. Thanks once again Kevin for your commitment and enthusiasm, I know the participants thoroughly enjoy the advice they get from you and your volunteers.
I mentioned last newsletter that I would update you on our clubs position as at the end of August (our year end date). The end year financials are still to be prepared but I can tell you that, despite Covid, we have had a very solid year. Our membership is up considerably on last year and this has flowed through in increased subscription revenue. Green Fees have also held up well and we have had strong months post the lockdown as a result of New Zealanders travelling. Our costs are up a bit but that is understandable and explainable. The positive aspect is that, as a result of our machinery replacement plan, we are not spending near as much on maintenance and repairs. And of course we were assisted considerably by the Covid Wage Subsidy.
Our September meeting is when we review our strategic plan, do our budget forecasting, and make decisions for the coming year. The Strategic Plan is on display in the clubrooms and on our website and we always welcome members input. We are now well through our machinery replacement programme with the exception of the rough mower which is coming up for replacement. It is by far our most expensive piece of machinery and also our most used. Replacement will be close to $100K!
The Management Committee has agreed that at Novembers AGM (23rd November) we will be recommending that subscriptions be increased by the nominal amount of $20. To put this in context, in 2014 a full sub was $670. Since then we increased $10 in 2016, $20 in 2018 so with this proposed increase it will amount to a $50 increase over six years which, in my opinion, is an indication of how well the Management Committee has performed.
Shortly you will see work start on reshaping the No 11 Tee and also planting on the side of the men's No 18 Tee. We have purchased close to 400 native grasses to be planted in these two areas. A huge thank you to the Friday Club who have paid for all these plants. This is a continuation of the great support the Friday Club has given us over the last few years. You will remember that they paid for the three new water fountains a couple of years ago and there is another one planned! Awesome Guys!
We have just welcomed a new Sponsor to the Club. Smith and Sons, who specialise in renovations and extensions. They have erected a sign on the Harbour Rd side of the Total Golf sign. So if you are planning on doing anything to your home please put them on your shopping list!
Finally if you have any old yellow balls, please give them to Geoff Blois, or pop them on the men's No 8 tee and he will collect them. Geoff is replacing the balls under the Ladies tee markers. It's amazing how many of these balls go missing. Although what you do with a ball that has a hole drilled through the middle of it is beyond me!
Well done Ladies on your 6 nil Acheson Cup win against Marlborough!
That's it for this month folks, good golfing.



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