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October 2021 Newsletter

As always lets start with a warm nau mai to our new members;
Full Members; Ben Coman, Blake Zwick and Shelley Miller.
Nine Holes; Molly Pomana-Rose, Rosie Bowie,
Country Member; John Barnett, Mike O'Reilly
Junior; Dane Lepine,
And welcome back to Craig Heuvel, Matt Watene, James King, Daryl Beveridge
Another song is going through my head as I start this, my last, newsletter. It's "My Way' by Frank Sinatra, a number of verses come to mind but I think this is the most suitable;
"Regrets, I've had a few
But then again, too few to mention
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption "
On my count, and I am a bit anal about such things, this is my 95th newsletter. I start writing them a month in advance and a special thanks to Sho who often reminds me of what to write! She could have been a wicket keeper in another life as nothing gets past her! Two elements of all those newsletters stand out to me; 1. I have always had plenty to tell you. Which I think is testament to what an active and innovative club we have. 2. Not once in all those newsletter have I not had new members to welcome. Which says heaps about how popular our club is! While this is my last one I will, as usual, send out my annual AGM report. Remember the AGM is down for the 15th November. The nominations for the various positions within the club are now open and the forms are in the clubrooms. If you would like to contribute please don't be shy in putting your name forward. Clubs such as ours rely on the enthusiasm of our members and this is a way everyone can make a difference.
So let's move on to what we are up to now.
You will have noticed that our new No 11 Tee has now been laser levelled and planted out. And we have had a good strike with the new grass. I'm really looking forward to playing of the Blue Tees-Not! We are now looking at how we can further beautify the area around the No 10 Green - No 11 Tee area. It looks good now but has the potential to be the outstanding feature of our course and we plan to make that a reality.
We have started a project to align our accounting and membership systems with Dot Golf. This is a modular process that we can opt into or out of and we will look at each process in isolation. The first part of this process has been completed and that was to move our accounting systems to Zero. Next stages are to review our website then look to move our membership and subscription details to the Dot Golf system. The fourth stage relates to membership cards and how they can be utilised. This project will take close to 18 months to complete and is being led by David Cairns. We have liaised with other clubs who have migrated their systems to this platform and the committee is comfortable that this change will best suit our future requirements.
Those of you who have been in the clubrooms recently will have noticed (You can't help but notice!) that all our honours boards have been renewed and they are all now have the same look and have our logo embedded in the background. This project has been lead by Bruce Miller with able assistance from Jud Kenning, a huge thanks to you both. Also Quaystone and Gab Tijsen for the huge amount of work in compiling them. This is another step in our clubroom refurbishment. The new tiling is also in place behind our new log burner. There are now just two small projects to complete and then we will have the big tick!
We are in the progress of establishing another drink fountain. This will be adjacent to the first tee and will be the same design as our existing fountains. It will remove the need for players to go into the clubrooms to get water. Once again this has been sponsored by our very generous "Friday Club".
Those of us who live on this side of the bay are well aware of the valuable work the Rescue Helicopter does. This month NBS are running their Rescue Helicopter Appeal. Donations can be made on line or in the Branches. It's a great cause to support! As I mentioned last month NBS Rescue Helicopter Ambrose Tournament is being held at our course on 29th Oct. At the moment they are approaching those who have supported them previously but hopefully there will be spots available for our members. We will let you know next week.
Our popular Twilight Golf starts next Wednesday 20th. Nine holes, good prizes and Jenny and Rob put on a great meal. This year Twilight is sponsored by Coman Construction and we are thrilled to have them on board. Tee off between 4.45pm and 5.45pm, prize giving will be at 8pm. Non-members are also very welcome so encourage your friends to come. It's a fun evening!
It would be remiss of me if I didn't dedicate some of this last newsletter to our birdlife! The birds on our course continue to prosper despite the attention of our Karearea (NZ Falcon), Kahu (Harrier Hawk), and the various other predators. I have no doubt that our trapping programme has helped our birds. While our DOC 200 traps are designed to catch Rats, Mustelids and Hedgehogs our capture rate for Mustelids is pathetic but our catch rate for rats has been spectacular! So how about an update on, perhaps, our less common birds; The Shining Cuckoos have started arriving from The Solomon Islands and New Guinea. While their call is very distinctive they are hard to spot. They are a terrific little bird but not liked by Grey Warblers as they lay in their nests and Monarch Butterfly's as they are one of the few NZ Birds who eat them! Our regular visitor the Kaka has been spotted in the willows beside the No 9 Tee Block recently, the Pheasants have also been seen and we have also been visited by a pair of Weka around No 8 fairway! Our Little Owls have also been vocal lately, they are sometimes out in the day and can be seen occasionally. For those early risers, or the insomniacs amongst us, a walk on the course at daybreak is rewarded by an amazing dawn chorus. A cacophony of bird song!
So that's a wrap from me. It's been a pleasure bringing these newsletters to you. George Bernard Shaw famously once said "The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place." I would like to think that the newsletters have helped remove the illusion and that, in fact, communication has taken place, but at the end of the day you can be the judge of that!
I hope you all continue to enjoy the camaraderie of the club and the wonderful course we have to play the game we love on.
Good golfing to you all and Haere Ra

Covid Update No 3;
7th September 2021

Hi Everyone
As you know we are moving to Level 2 at 11.59 tonight.
So I will now give you an update of how we will operate with the important Caveat that these conditions may change and I will update you if and when they do. Level 2 is different this time and the risk is that by informing you all quickly we may have to make changes later but our position is that we would rather do that than have you all wondering!

But first a thankyou for the way you have all adapted to the L3 Criteria, we have had very few problems to deal with which has made Rob and my job a lot easier! What I will say however is that it is disappointing that a small number off our members are not repairing their divots and pitch marks. A big thank you though to the many members who have mentioned to me that they have been repairing all the divots they see. It's worth mentioning that Ian and Peter have been working their butts of to present the course in the fantastic condition it is in so, come on, lets all play our part in looking after it!

Right, now that I have got that off my chest, here goes. There is a hell of a lot of detail that you all need to read but I make no apology as it is all very important.

How will golf operate;

- Golf can be played in fours and is not restricted to bubbles.
- You must continue to log in using the QR code.
- Robert will continue to be the starter so please report to him before play and follow his instructions. As the clubrooms are now open please be patient as he has to cover both areas.
- All social golf must start of No 1 Tee, no exceptions, (unless amended by the committee (as defined by the Rules of Golf), or Starter) and you must book online. This is our way of meeting the legal requirement to keep accurate records. Do not just turn up and expect you can play.
- On line booking is available from 9am to 4pm, this is a change from L3. You cannot commence play outside these hours.
- You can print your card from the kiosk as we do now, or use the DotGolf electronic app which many of you are now familiar with. After you have used the kiosk there will be a sanitizer available for your use. After your round we ask that you please place your completed card in the box at the front of the Matchroom your card will then be entered for you.
- You will notice the bookings for club days are blocked separately. For example Saturday comps are blocked from 11.30am to 1.00pm. To play in the comp you enter in an available time slot either by yourself or with others.
- Competition presentations will be held as now.
- The clubroom is restricted to 50 seated people and will be configured according with that many seats. The leaners will not be in use. Please sit in your four and there will be spacing between tables. You are welcome to sit on the deck, with appropriate spacing, and these seats are not included in the 50.

- We have reopened all the toilets on the course. A great relief for many (Pun Intended). So what we are asking you all to do is to sanitize the touch points in the toilets after use. Sanitizer, paper towels, waste containers and instruction posters are in all the toilets. Following these instructions will help protect us all. In addition they will be fully cleaned regularly.
- Ball Washers, water fountains and sunscreen stations are all closed.

What we are asking you to do;

- There will be a Health and Safety Notice adjacent to the QR Code and I encourage you all to read it.
- Please enter the clubrooms via the toilets and sanitize before entering the clubrooms proper.
- Players should maintain a distance of two meters between themselves and other players in their group and two meters from other groups on the course.
- Within the clubrooms please sit with your four.
- Masks are to be worn in the clubrooms but can be removed when eating or drinking. We have cloth masks available for sale in the clubroom. They cost $12 of which $2 goes to the club.
- If you are on the Deck then please wear a mask when entering the Clubrooms.
- For payment on matchday we would like you all to bring the correct money or pay via our contactless terminal.
- If you are not well please do not come to the course.

Covid Changes to the rules of golf;

- Flags must stay in the hole and we ask you to avoid touching the pin if possible.
- For all golf you mark your own card, you do not need to get your partner to sign your card. Just get them to confirm your scores by viewing your card and you write their golf number in the space where they would normally sign. Or alternatively use the electronic scorecard on your phone.
- Rakes in bunkers are to be used.

As I said last week, if you are aware of members who don't have email, would you please update them with these details.

That's it folks, we live in challenging times, but we are also very lucky, not least because we can play the game we love.

Cheers, be patient, kind and play well!


COVID Level 3 Update and Golfing Conditions
Hi Everyone

Before we get to the Covid info, as you know our very popular New World Open was scheduled for this weekend. This has now been postponed until 27th November. Rather that cancel 120 entries and ask you all to re-register we will transfer all the entries to that date. If you are unable to play on that date then please email Rex at and he will remove you.

Now on to golf at Level 3 and what this means:

Golf is only allowed to be played as an individual or with the person in your bubble. No more than two people (that's your bubble) can tee off at the same time. Of course if the person in your bubble is not a golfer they are welcome to accompany you on the course. We have reduced each time slot to two spaces. If on the rare occasion that there are more than two in your bubble then please advise the starter.

Please do not form "Golf Bubbles" with your golf mates this is not allowed under any circumstances. The rules on this are very clear and any abuse could put the club at risk of being closed, fined and suffering reputational damage. The club reserves the right to question players in this regard.

There will be no Bunker Rakes or Flags.

No cards will issued or scores entered into Dot Golf.

Everyone will tee off No 1 Tee, whether playing 9 or 18 holes, no exceptions.

Tee Times will be eight minutes apart starting at 8.30am and the last tee time will be 2.30pm.

We ask you to use our on-line booking service to book your tee time. Bookings are open.

No one can commence golf on our course before 8.30 or after 2.30pm, no exceptions.

The Clubrooms and all toilets on the course are closed.

The practice fairway is closed.

Ball washers and drinking fountains are closed

We will be accepting Green Fee players but there will be requirements that they need to meet, including contactless payment.

So what are your responsibilities;

Well obviously, stick by the rules.

Please do not come to the golf course if you are unwell or have an underlying health condition.

Please do not just turn up at the course expecting that you can play. If you haven't booked online then you may not get on.

Throughout your round we expect you to maintain distance from those playing in front of you and others at the course.

When arriving at the club please report to the starter in the matchroom. In most cases this will be Rob, be kind to him! Please also register by using the QR Code.

There is a very important caveat to all of this. This is what we know at the time I am writing this, but these are dynamic times and should any criteria change I will let you know just as soon as I can.

Can I also ask you that if you are aware of any members who do not have email would you please let them know of these conditions.

I know this might all sound a bit draconian but it is essential that we do not abuse the privilege that we have been given. The sooner we get through this the sooner we get back to the wonderful camaraderie that we are so renowned for.

As you know Golf is considered an essential industry which means that we have been allowed to work on the course. Nick is still incapacitated but Ian and Peter Cederman have done a great job over the last week or so and the course is looking fantastic. In addition to the normal maintenance the Greens have been needle tyned which will set them up very well for the Spring.

If you have any questions or any of this is not clear then please email the club and we will get back to you.



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