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President Petes' June Newsletter

What a great new look to the clubhouse with the re upholstering of the chairs, the new trophy cabinet, and the repair and painting where the old cabinet was.

Shona Johnson and Yvonne Stevenson and helpers have done a great job in taking the chairs apart and removing the old covers. They were then taken to the upholsterer to then be bought back and reassembled. This saved the club a considerable amount of money.

The new trophy cabinet was donated by Bays Joinery and the glass by Abel Glass.
These two company's shows how great our sponsors are as they both volunteered to donate their services to the club, so please support them.

Brent Thompsom spent many hours fixing the wall where the old cabinet was and now looks great with Wayne Lloyds paintings now adorning the wall.
Remember that any painting sold, Wayne donates a percentage to the club.

Allen Danford does a lot of volunteer work for the club and is always on hand to help when we need some electrical work done.
Thanks Bundy it doesn't go unnoticed.

As I write this the rain has arrived in force and the course is looking more like a swimming pool so the next few days will see how good our draining systems are working.

For all you bird lovers, the native falcon (karearea) is back paying its annual visit.
Easy to spot as the local Tui's aren't happy and harass it.

From the Fairways and our Head Greenkeeper

Well, the rain has returned with two big dumps in two weeks! The course has soaked most of it up as the ground has been so dry for so long, but it's time for the sun to come back now!

We have been busy putting in more drains, as you may have noticed on number One fairway, and have just a couple more small ones to pick up the last of the wet spots on One.

Our chain digger is just having some minor surgery and when it's back in action we will be doing some root pruning in our problem areas. These areas are on the right on number Nine at the corner by gums and on the right side of One by gums and Big Macs (the tree type not the burger!!).

There are also a couple of small one percenters being done to tidy some edges up around the course. With the help of Pete Cedes neighbour we are putting in a retaining edge on number 18 Tee to tidy it up and keep the ornamental grasses out of our mower units.

From our Woodies

Another busy month for us. We have removed two Blackwoods from the course. One on the left of the 12th Fairway and one on the left of the 18th Fairway. Both trees were dying and deemed to be a Health and Safety risk. As a result, we have some really good firewood for sale, contact one of the woodies if you like some.

However, our big effort for the month was planting 230 native trees and shrubs on the course. We are sure you will have noticed them! The main intention was to plant the area which was the old fire pile beside the number 10 Green but we have also planted in a number of other areas. None of these plantings are in play unless you are very very wayward!! For those interested we have planted Manuka, Kowhai, Toe Toe, Lacebark, Rewa Rewa, Ribbonwood, Minature Flax, Hebe and Cabbage Tree. Most of these plants are great sources of food for the birds and bees. The total cost of this project was over $1200 and this has been completely paid for by the Friday Club, thanks so much once again for your support guys!

From the House Committee

To expand on Peters initial comments, most of you will have noticed there is a "new look" in the Clubhouse.

Firstly a big thank you to George Molnar from Bays Joinery and Darren Mills from Abel Glass who worked together to provide us with a fantastic new Trophy Cabinet. This was donated by both companies. Please support these firms if you are needing services in their area of expertise! Cheers to Shirleen and Evelyn for giving the Trophies a much needed clean.

We have had a big team effort involved in recovering one hundred of our chairs. We dismantled them, removed thousands of staples on the backs and seats to take off the old coverings, delivered the backs and bases to Nelson in groups of thirty-three (So we had enough seats still in the clubroom), picked them up and reassembled them. By doing all of this ourselves we saved over $2000 off the quote. So many to thank, Bob, Paul, Shona, Yvonne, Frik, President Pete and the Woodies. A special thanks to Yvonne for liaising with In Style Upholstery and transporting all the chairs to and fro, often very early in the morning! Certainly, they are very comfortable to sit in and it is gratifying to get all the very favourable comments.

Match Musings

Mens and Ladies Club champs qualifying rounds begin on July 20th. There will be no sign up sheets as you just enter on the day. There will be 2 qualifying rounds for men, 2 for Saturday ladies and 2 for Tuesday ladies, with the best of the 2 scores being used for seeding. Conditions of entry will be up on the website and Matchroom in the next week or so.

Posters outlining the remainder of our Opens for 2024, have been put up in the toilet picture frames, on the match room notice board and have been added to the website - check them out so you can plan, and enter, your tournaments from September on.

Our Ladies

9 Hole Ladies
The competition highlight for the 9 holers this month was the Westrupp Salver 4BBB - best total from 2 of the three rounds.
Nine pairs played over the 3 Tuesdays with Penny Brown & Helen Dryden the eventual winners with 47 points.

We would like to thank Norma, now 103 years old and still going strong, for the generous contributions she has made for this competition over the years.

18 Hole Ladies
Motueka ladies have retained the Acheson Cup for the 3rd challenge this year. We are having a break over the winter months & will send out another challenge to Marlborough for September.

Pennant has so far proved successful with the new format of 8 players in a team, Golden Downs look as though they will be hard to beat.

Suzanne Park & Sharon McGeown won the Tasman District Foursomes played at Greenacres over 36 holes earlier this month.

The Tuesday Westrupp Salver was won by Jan Dobbie & Shirleen Miller.

Tuesday 18hole numbers were down earlier in the year but now increased around 12/14 playing. Saturday 18hole ladies have had good numbers.

PARNZ Senior Womens Foursomes tournament in November being played at Motueka is open for entries, and all is going as planned. We note there are 88 entries so far (limit128). We will have more information out in August/September.

Championship qualifying rounds begin on Saturday July 20th & Aug 3rd & 23rd July & 6th Aug for Tuesdays. We look forward to as many as possible entering this year.

August 15th is our Motueka Ladies combined Stb so grab a partner & come & play.

Junior Boys Update
A further round of Boys coaching is coming up on the 14th of July. This session is limited to 10 Juniors so if interested please contact Karl (0274 726 770) or register in the Match room on the sign-up sheet.

Also we have created the Mot Golf Junior Boys Facebook page with events and information regarding trainings and Comps coming up Please add yourself to this as it's an easy tool to contact our Juniors.

On 7 July an Eagles tournament for 17years of age and under as of September. We would like to get good representation for this as it's being held at Our Home course. Open for both Young Lady's and Young Gentlemen.

New Members

Welcome to our new and returned members. As always, make them welcome and pleased they joined our club. Antony Burke, Linda Clarkson, Peter Dally, Stewart Dempsey, June Derecourt, Denis Dobbie, Amanda Duff, Terry Duff, Bob Forsythe, Sean Gallagher, Jonah Gosling, Alison Graham, Seungham (Sam) Lee, Hayden Ross, Reggie Sim De Boer.

Back to the Pres
In conclusion, thank you to all our contributors this month. And, finally, it has been brought to my attention that while I was in Canada, the pond at number 10 has been used by a member for washing his electric trundler. Much easier to wash them at home Shorty.

Have a good month golfing and I will report in next month.

President Pete Cederman



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