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March Newsletter

Hi Everyone

Great to see a lot of new members again this month, welcome to you all and I trust you will enjoy the club and the camaraderie!

Full Members; Dai Thomas, Karl Heke, Vera Heke, Keri Kotua, Taua Kinita, Shane Limmer, Noel Limmer, Matthew Gazard.
Mid-Week; John Moses, William Simpson, Trevor Blakemore, Wayne King.
Nine Hole; Tony Edens, Brian Green
Junior; Elliott Pollock

Lets start with an update of the clubrooms. The upgrade to the ladies toilets is progressing well with still a bit to go. It is certainly a big improvement! Our next item is the replacement of the log fire. It has kept us warm over many years, but like many of us, it has now reached retirement age! We currently have a consent request with the TDC for the installation of a new one. The next item, which is part of our strategic plan, is the replacement of the old windows and rear door. Hopefully after that we can give the Clubrooms a big tick! Its worth remembering that we started work on our clubrooms in 2014, first a new roof, then a complete outside paint, replacement of worn kitchen equipment and new kitchen vinyl, new deck, windows, doors and Elite Louvres, mens toilet upgrade, kitchen upgrade and now ladies toilets upgrade. So while we have been steadily upgrading the course equipment we certainly haven't neglected our lovely old clubrooms! That's close to $100k in repairs and improvements!

Now a note from Nick; "Hey team ! Summer is almost at an end and the grass has come to life again ! A few projects to get you all up to speed on are: The 11tee which will be levelled next Tuesday then seeded ten days after so should be In play before winter comes. Also as you may have seen the ninth men's tee was a bit of a disaster with weeds and grasses from the hydroseeding machine popping up everywhere so we will kill this of and re seed at the same time as No11. This may make a lot of you happy as the ladies tee is a nice wee head start to the corner ! The last week in March we will be doing a small Reno on the greens which should only take a couple of weeks to recover hopefully in time for first round of the champs . Happy golfing and enjoy the last of the warm weather before winter sneaks up on us."

Last week four of us played Onekaka Links. I can hear a number of you saying "Where the hell is that?" Well not surprisingly it is at Onekaka in Golden Bay! It is an 18 hole privately owned course and let me say it is an amazing experience. It is based above and below the Onekaka cliffs. It requires accuracy and a certain amount of courage. There are blind shots up and over the cliffs, shots from on top of the cliffs to seaside greens, shots over water to target greens, mixed in with drivable par fours and many strategically placed bunkers. Plus many risk and reward options. There is only one four playing the course at a time and you are guided round the course by the owner, Chris Castle. And guided is the right word as there in no way you could navigate the course by yourself!
For the technical among you it is Par 64 with a course rating of 60.8 for men and 58.9 for women. Nine par 3's, 8 Par 4,s and a horseshoe par 5! And of course the surroundings are spectacular. I highly recommend it to you, the experience is very reasonably priced at $50 per player plus you have the opportunity to dissect your round with fellow players and Chris over a beer and nibbles after your round. The average lost balls per round is five but Chris has a lot in reserve! The website is I highly recommend it.
Bookings can be made by emailing or texting him on 021 558 185
Finally a note from the scorecard which appealed to me "All seals and penguins have right of way on the course. Please do not approach them. White baiting is forbidden during play"

Now to a couple of Health and Safety issues. As most of you will know we had an incident recently when one of our carts was accidentality driven up the matchroom steps. While there was damage to the cart and matchroom we were lucky there was no serious injury to anyone. This is the second cart incident in that area recently. As a result carts are now banned from the concrete area in front of the Matchroom and we are installing car stop barriers. Carts must now enter the course via the pathway beside the practice nets. The second issue is the line for the straightest drive. There have been a number of occasions when players have tripped and fallen over the string. We have now decided that we will no longer have a straightest drive as an option for tournaments. It will be replaced by another novelty prize on another hole.

As you know each year after paying your subscription you receive a new membership card. This year we are looking at using our existing cards and applying a sticker to them with a new expiry date. This practice is now followed by many clubs, including our local RSA. New members will of course receive new cards. As we work through this option please do not throw your current card out! If viable it will be save our club a considerable amount of money and, of course, it is friendlier to the environment! We will let you know the outcome.

Thats it for this month folks.

Good golfing!





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