Holden NZ Golf Club of the Year

Holden NZ Golf Club of the Year award
Holden NZ Golf Club of the Year award

Hi Everyone,

This is the second special newsletter in two months, I promise I won't make a habit of it!

I am writing this from the NZ Open in Queenstown. It was never planned that we would be coming to this event. I have been flown down compliments of NZ Golf, (Shona flown down compliments of the Johnsons!)

I was invited to accept the "Holden NZ Golf Club of the Year" award on behalf of our club. I would loved to have told you all earlier but I was sworn to secrecy by NZ Golf. Kevin has had the pleasure to tell our members after golf today as that was about the same time I accepted the award.

Shona and I have had an amazing afternoon accepting the award on behalf of you all, and then watching the golf from the hospitality area alongside the 18th green. This was a hotly contested award with many entries. Three were deemed to be outstanding and we won the final accolade. The judging panel consisted of eight judges, two from NZ Golf, Phil Tautarangi, Brendon Telfer, a PGA representative and representatives from the advertising and business community.

This is an amazing, incredible, mind blowing accolade for our club!!!! There are 390 golf clubs in New Zealand! It came about when I was approached in November by Chris Pugh from Tasman Golf who wanted to nominate us. The nomination process was quite lengthy and detailed, as it should be for an award of this stature. Kevin Armstrong and I spent some considerable time completing the application, we then forwarded it to Chris who added what he wanted too and submitted it to NZ Golf. There were seven sections we had to complete; 1. Participation, 2. Equity, 3.Club Programmes, 4. Coaching, 5 NZGolf/GMNAZ Tools, 6. Financial Performance and 7. Governance Strength.

As Kevin and I completed the nomination it bought home to us again the incredible amount of work and effort that has been put in by so many people to get our club to the position it is now in. Secondly by delivering on our strap line of "The Friendliest Golf Club in the Top of the South" we really do have the opportunity to differentiate ourselves. To all our Club Officials, the Greenkeepers and Catering staff, and all of our volunteers who assist us in so many ways, thanks heaps. I was proud to accept the award on behalf of you all.

The other special aspect of this is that it is the inaugural award. No club has won this previously, how special is that!!





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